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National Honor Society

The RHS National Honor Society is one of the pinnacles of achievement at Roosevelt High School. Membership in the NHS is recognized throughout the nation, and both a public recognition of accomplishment and a private commitment to continued excellence on the part of each member. Because of the importance placed upon this aspect of high school life, the selection process for NHS membership conforms to the national guidelines.


The Roosevelt High School National Honor Society selection process includes the following:


  1.  Selection is a privilege bestowed upon students by the faculty of the school, and not considered a right inherent to any student.
  2. NHS is more than an honor roll. Each member must demonstrate not only good grades, but also strengths in the remaining criteria, which include displaying exemplary Character, Service, and Leadership within and outside of the school setting
  3. Students do not apply for membership. Instead, they await a request or invitation to provide information to be used by the NHS Faculty Council to support their candidacy for membership. Membership is granted only to those students selected by the Faculty Council on the condition that the student meets the standards established by the school district and based on the provisions of the NHS National Constitution.
  4. Selection to the NHS takes place near the end of the school year
  5. Current Junior and Seniors are eligible to be nominated for membership. Membership in the NHS will take place during the Senior year
  6. A minimum cumulative GPA of 90 establishes a student’s candidacy for membership
  7. The selection process also includes a determination of the student’s character, service, and leadership. Faculty and staff members are asked to provide professional input on these factors. Thereby, all decisions concerning selection have a certain subjective element. However, all procedures and decisions for membership are fair, nondiscriminatory, and consistently applied. Questions about these factors may be directed to the NHS Faculty Council
  8. Additional information about the NHS selection process may be accessed within the National Honor Society Handbook, which is published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. A copy of this handbook will be provided upon written request to the RHS Faculty Council or campus Principal.

Faculty Council 2022-2023

Michael Bratcher

Leigh Crane

Sawyer Crane

Desiree Warshaw

Jared Warsing

Admin:  Tim Crane, Jamie Petmecky, Jimmy Ledbetter

Sponsor:  Lacy Sage