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SAT/ACT Testing Links


  • The SAT (CollegeBoard) and the ACT are college entrance exams.  
  • Students should begin taking these tests their junior year.  
  • Colleges use the information from these tests to determine admission and to help determine merit-based scholarships. 
    • The higher the scores, the more scholarship money a college will potentially award.  
  • If a student is qulifies for Free or Reduced Lunch, RHS has fee waivers for the test.
    •  A student may receive one waiver per year per test 
  • Students will need a picture ID and their test ticket on test day

Click on the test below for a direct link:




TSIA Testing

  • TSI is the Texas Success Initiative, a policy adopted by the state for all public colleges and universities to ensure that students have the skills in Reading, Writing, and Math to be successful with college-level work.  Some colleges, such as SPC, use the TSIA in place of the SAT/ACT for admission requirements
    • More info about the TSIA: here
  • Roosevelt High School incurs the cost and administers the TSI to most 11th-grade students in the Spring.  If a student does not score achieve a college-ready score on any section, the student may retest at a cost of $10.00 per section at RISD. Schedule retakes with the high school counselor.  
  • There are other TSI testing centers including SPC and Texas Tech.  They generally offer the tests more often than we do, but the cost is higher.