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Apply for College: The First Step

ApplyTexas is the website that many Texas state-supported schools use for their college admission process. You will need to create an account.  Be sure and write down all of your username and password information to keep in a safe place. You can apply to numerous schools on this website.  Be sure and fill out all of the information.  It is important that you fill out all of the questions completely and write all of the essays.  The essay topics for each year can be found in your Government classroom or in the counselor's office.  This essay is a chance to sell yourself to the university that you are applying to.  Your should brag on yourself.  You need to make the university want to admit you.  Be sure you completely fill in the ApplyTexas Scholarship application, before you submit the application.  This will create a search, within each college that you apply to, of potential scholarships that you may qualify for.  You are more likely to receive scholarships from the colleges you apply to if your ApplyTexas Application is submitted no later than December 1, before you are planning on enrolling the following August.  If you have been a dual credit student, you should use your same login information, but you will be registering as a first-time freshman, NOT a dual credit student.  


ApplyTexas Link


Many Universities outside of Texas use CommonApp.