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College Visits

Seniors are allowed 2 excused "college days" to visit campuses that they are interested in attending.  Students should get a form from the HS office and have it completely filled out and signed by all teachers. This form must be returned to the office no later than two days prior to the college day.  Students are also responsible for bringing back documentation to the office from the college that they visited.  


It is VERY important to visit a college that you are serious about attending.  Even if you think you know that college, it is very different when you actually get on campus and see how everything works.  Below, you will find links to some college day events that have been scheduled.


Texas Tech University - Schedule a visit 

South Plains College - Schedule a visit to SPC, and visit with their financial aid people face-to-face.

Wayland Baptist University- Schedule a visit

West Texas A&M Schedule a visit

Lubbock Christian University- Schedule a visit to LCU

Angelo State University - Schedule a visit to San Angelo - ASU



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