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TSI Testing

TSI Testing

TSI is the Texas Success Initiative, a policy adopted by the state for all public colleges and universities to ensure that students have the skills in Reading, Writing, and Math to be successful with college-level work.  Some colleges, such as SPC, use the TSI in place of the SAT/ACT for admission requirements.


Roosevelt High School administers the TSI to most 11th-grade students.  We administer all 3 sections, one time, for free.  If a student does not score high enough on any section, the student may retest at a cost of $10.00 per section, if the retest is administered by RISD.  You must make arrangements with the Director of Dual Credit to schedule any retest opportunities.  We generally have a few retesting sessions in the summer.  


There are other TSI testing centers, including SPC and Texas Tech.  They generally offer the tests more often than we do, but the cost is higher.  

TSI Testing -  South Plains College

TSI Testing - Texas Tech University